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Modern Gas Central Heating is far more energy efficient than it used to be, and far more environmentally friendly. These gains in efficiency are a result of not only greater insulation built into the home, but also due to more energy efficient gas boilers. Building Regulations continue to demand more and more energy efficient homes and boilers and this is a trend which is set to continue.

Designing a Central Heating System

Designing or planning a central heating system is a specialist task, and at the very heart of this design is the choice of a boiler – both boiler type and size need to be considered.

Since 2010, building regulations require all newly installed boilers to be at least 88% efficient. This effectively means that only energy efficient condensing boilers can be installed, because non-condensing boilers are much less efficient.

To aid in the choice of a boiler the Government introduced SEDBUK 2005 (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) as a simple guide to identify and compare the energy performance and efficiency of different boilers. SEDBUK efficiencies were expressed in terms of a scale from A to G, as can be seen in the below table. However, this SEDBUK band rating has been withdrawn to avoid confusion with the proposed European energy label using similar ratings, although the table is shown here because SEDBUK 2005 ratings A-G still continue to be quoted.

Sedbuk’s Energy Efficiency Chart

Sedbuk’s Energy Efficiency Chart

SAP 2009 (Standard Assessment Procedure) which is also referred to as SEDBUK 2009, replaces SEDBUK 2005. This newer system of assessing boilers shows efficiencies as simple percentages, rather than as a grade A to G.

To qualify for the Energy Saving Trust Product Endorsement Scheme gas boilers must have a minimum SAP 2009 efficiency of 90%.

For more information relating to SAP or to check boiler efficiencies go to www.boilers.org.uk

You should discuss any specific needs or concerns you may have with your Gas Safe Registered Engineer, who can then design and install the most fitting system for your household. Factors that drive central heating design would include the demand for hot water and the number of bathrooms, the number of radiators and their optimum size (condensing boilers work more efficiently with slightly oversized radiators), the presence of insulation and ceiling height.

For more information on choosing a boiler and boiler efficiencies please go to our sections ‘Choosing a Boiler’ and ‘Boiler Installation’.

Heating controls are also a key consideration, aiding both the efficiency of the central heating system and comfort levels inside the home. The simplest form of heating control is the on/off time clock which allows heating and hot water to be set for two or more periods a day. The time clock is usually combined with a thermostatic switch which will turn the central heating on and off to maintain the room temperature at a pre-defined level. Thermostatic control is also available on individual radiators (TRVs) or for individual rooms. In larger properties it may be wise to split the home into separate heating zones, each controlled independently.

Efficiencies can by further increased by adding weather compensation: this allows the boiler to adjust its output in reaction to a change in outside temperature before this effects heat levels inside the house.

Alco Gas Care is highly experienced and knowledgeable with respect to gas central heating design. We provide both sound technical advice and installation.

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Installation of New Central Heating System


Denis fitted a new central heating system for me and upsized some radiators which were too small. He did a thorough review of my current home size and its insulation properties, prior to recommending a system. The work was undertaken very efficiently and as specified.

I am extremely happy with the results. My home is warm and cosy, and I am making significant savings in fuel bills.

I will certainly continue to recommend Alco Gas Care to family and friends, whatever their individual needs.

by Mrs Choo from Westhill Village

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